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Nickel 28’s growth strategy is focused on building the Company’s portfolio of battery metals investments, including streams, royalties and other direct interests in producing mines, development projects or exploration properties. Investments may be pursued in primary nickel and/or cobalt deposits, as well as properties in which nickel or cobalt is a by-product or co-product with other metals.  The Company believes investments in such properties could leverage the Company’s finance and industry expertise and broaden the scope of potential growth opportunities.

Highlands Pacific – In May 2019, Nickel 28 completed the friendly acquisition of Highlands Pacific to create a leading high-growth, diversified battery-metals investment company.  Highlands’ key asset is its 8.56% interest in the long-life, world-class Ramu Nickel Cobalt Operation located near Madang on the north coast of PNG.  Following repayment of Highlands’ attributable Ramu construction and development loans, Highlands’ ownership of Ramu will increase to 11.3%.
Nickel 28’ acquisition of Highlands Pacific implies an increase in attributable production to Nickel 28 to over 2,900 tonnes of nickel and over 600,000 pounds of cobalt per annum (based on 2019 Ramu production guidance for Highlands’ 8.56% interest).  Upon repayment of Highlands’ attributable partner loans and increased interest in Ramu to 11.3%, implied attributable production to Nickel 28 increases to over 3,800 tonnes of nickel and over 800,000 pounds of cobalt per annum.
Management believes that their collective experience in the areas of mining, mergers and acquisitions, accounting and corporate and financial management, together with the advice of expert consultants in the evaluation and exploitation of battery metal opportunities, will enable the Company to achieve its objective.

Ramu Mine
Photo of Ramu site
Ramu cobalt Mine